LED Screen Fieten Olie

A new Fieten Olie fuel station opened on the junction between Spoorlaan and Nieuwe Bennebroekerweg in Hoofddorp at the end of January. The fuel and lubricant supplier’s 40th and largest fuel station features 12 fuel pumps, 4 car washes and 4 vacuum cleaner points. A fast charger for electric cars and facilities for hydrogen (H2) are to be added later this year.

Fieten Olie deems encouraging sustainability to be important and has decided to offer the most sustainable diesel (HVO 100) in Hoofddorp alongside Euro 95, Diesel, Blue One and AdBlue. The canopy is fitted with solar panels to enable the fuel station and car washes to run on green energy. Furthermore, sustainable LED lighting has been installed everywhere. They opted for the Luci Series LED canopy lighting and Ambiente site lighting from Bever Innovations. Moreover, Concis BV—a multidisciplinary bureau for advertising, house style management, media and design—commissioned Bever Innovations to supply its new, innovative InMotion (InMo) LED screen and red LED contour lighting for the canopy and car washes.


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