LED Screen I-Catcher InMotion

LED Screen

We designed a high quality LED Screen which fits in every totem. Show your visitors the newest sales, products or announcements or give them a personal message. Make a great first impression and see your shop sales go up with this smart LED Screen from Bever Innovations.

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The I-Catcher In Motion is one of a kind, because of its lightweight, compared to other LED Screens, and its slim design. High brightness and high contrast make sure your visitors can read your LED Screen in every weather condition, even direct sunlight. The lifespan can be guaranteed as the LEDs are protected by the Bever Innovations Active Overheating Protection. When the LEDs become too warm they will automatically dim down to help maintain their lifespan. Eventually, when the LEDs still get to warm, they will switch off. The I-Catcher In Motion can display pictures and pricing information.