The ultimate energy-saving

Thanks to the connection to our EOS network, you get insight into the energy consumption of your LED fixtures on your forecourt. In this way, you can easily optimise your installations. That’s how you can achieve ultimate energy-saving.


Only when needed

Inside our EOS products, there are multiple sensors, like daylight, motion and temperature sensors. Each sensor helps you with improving the energy consumption of your LED fixture. In this way, lighting is only on when it’s needed which ensures that energy consumption is kept as low as possible.


Data is everything

Sensors share their behaviour via the wireless EOS network. With the EOS Manager, you can see your energy consumption together with other data of your forecourt. With this data, you can change your light output at any moment. In this way, you can constantly optimise the light output on your forecourt and make your energy consumption as low as possible. Read more about our EOS Manager application and its functions!


What is EOS Technology?

Watch the video or take a look here and create the ultimate energy-saving yourself.


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