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TankPro – The smart LED light

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Good lighting is important for every petrol station. Not only for the customer, but also for petrol station owners. What is already possible with intelligent LED lighting at the moment? 

The lighting which Marcel Mol installed on a number of petrol stations, doesn’t come from far away. The collaboration with Bever Innovations in Zierikzee started about 8 years ago, says the gas station operator. “We’ve used the LED products from Bever Innovations on different petrol station since 2010. There are 8 stations equipped with these LED solutions at the moment. This concerns our Price Displays, Canopy-, Area-, and Shop Illumination.”
Just next to the headquarters of fuel trader Mol Schuddebeurs at Noordgouwe one of their petrol stations is established. There are in total 22 petrol stations, spread over Zeeland and South-Holland. Shell de Gouwe is a manned location. The family business also has a big number of unmanned locations. These petrol stations we’re BP stations for years, but a few years ago, they’ve switched to the brands Shell and Avia.


Set-up and manage

At the home base of Noordgouwe, Bever Innovations and Mol are experimenting with EOS TEchnology. This technology is based on The Internet of Things. All luminaires can be set up and managed separately and communicate wirelessly with other devices, materials and processes. Management is done with an Android-app, EOS Manager, or remotely with EOS Connected.

Tankpro Magazine - De slimme LED-lamp


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