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Optimise your promotion and sales!

Do you know which lanes at your petrol station are most frequently travelled? Thanks to our EOS Technology, you can easily gain insight into the activities at your petrol station, to which you can adapt your promotional and sales activities.


Optimise your site with EOS Technology

EOS Connected (part of EOS Technology) presents information and data in real-time. It shows an overview of all sites with EOS devices, which you can monitor remotely and gives better insight into device operating conditions. With the insights, you can continuously improve your light output so that it fits your petrol station perfectly. You’ll have the appropriate light output for every part of your petrol station, on every part of the day. Save more costs, let customers experience a pleasant and safe visit and see your sales go up!


Petrol sites overview
EOS TechnologyThe EOS LED lighting and its device infrastructure is represented by a flexible and detailed data model, a site floorplan for easy identification of device location(s).


How-to: EOS Connected

Select one of your locations on the petrol site overview and choose your preferred EOS network. You’ll see all products and devices connected to the EOS network. When you click on one of your products, you get insight into statistics like energy-use, temperature, light levels, occupancy and disruptions. Do you have an I-Catcher InMotion LED Screen on your site? Configure it with EOS Connected!



EOS Connected Heatmap EOS TechnologyOne of the available statistics of EOS Connected is a heatmap. Heatmaps offer easy visualisation of data from different devices present on site. This simple data visualisation shows an accurate map based on movement detection statistics.

EOS Connected heatmap EOS TechnologyYou’ll get a direct overview of what parts of your petrol station or which lanes are mostly occupied by your visitors. The sensor which picks up most movement is coloured red. It’s a clear and more intuitive way to view your statistics.

What is EOS Technology?

We integrated EOS Technology into our LED products. You can add it to every other device on your station. EOS devices communicate with each other and collect and sent data. To manage this data remotely, we created EOS Connected.

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