Maximum reliability, minimum maintenance

Forget about maintenance. The Luci Series LED Under Canopy fixtures guarantee a long lifespan of more than 20 years.


Long lifespan in every weather condition

The award-winning Luci Series is in all aspects the most cost-effective and reliable way to light up your forecourt. Our development team designed them to last more than 20 years in every weather condition. Based on 12 hours of use per day or night, 365 days a year on 100% of its power. How do we know? Our LED Under Canopy Illumination proved itself in over 86 countries around the world.

LED Under Canopy Illumination - Luci Series





EOS Technology

Manage your EOS devices and all your other devices, equipment and processes of your petrol station in one simple application. This petrol station management system is called the EOS Manager, or the remote manager: EOS Connected. This connectivity provides various benefits for every petrol station owner in terms of saving energyimproving safety and predictive maintenance. This technology makes sure the maintenance of LED products is in the past.


Predictive maintenance of LED solutions

Predict maintenance of LED fixtures with EOS Connected. EOS Connected is an intuitive web-based management system for EOS devices and Bever innovations LED products, that gives information about your forecourt infrastructure. The constant flow of data from connected EOS devices enables unforeseen situations in your devices to be spotted in real time. Connected systems can provide a great amount of data to allow more accurate predictive analysis, allowing you to optimize decision making and the use of connected (EOS) devices.

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