Q8 Capellen Canopy: A calling card for your business

Maximize light, minimize costs

The forecourt is a very important part of your petrol station; it provides a visual, safe and inviting environment for your customers during the day and at night, in which lighting plays a very important role. We will work with you to create the best solution for your individual site.


Attract, save energy and increase your promotions

We are more likely to pick places and items that are brightly lit, according to researchers. This lighting should look natural and must be without any shadows or glares. To make sure your visitors get the best customer experience, Luci Series LED Under Canopy Illumination is the way to go:

  • The clear white light and uniformity of our Luci Series create a safe and clean forecourt.
  • Easily choose the light levels of your liking- night or day with the Luci Series.
  • This also makes sure your petrol station is visible from a great distance, 24/7.
  • Motion detection and a daylight sensor make sure you will save energy at any possible time.
  • Great illumination complements your corporate identity.
  • Last but not least, the best light levels help you increase your promotion and sales.

Shell Kats Luci Series LED Under Canopy Illumination


Always the perfect light levels

The Luci Series LED Under Canopy fixture is a refined downlight of which you can select the number of LEDs and optics for an ideal lighting solution, optimised for your forecourt. The Luci Series has a lumen output up to 19.617 LM and you can choose a colour temperature of 4000K or 5700K. All of this can be set-up by you, because of our integrated EOS Technology. In this way, there is always a light level that fits your petrol station perfectly.

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