Our LED Price Displays

Is it time to renew your Price Displays? With Bever Innovations’ LED Price Signs, you have the best solution within reach. We look at 4 of the advantages of these intelligent LED Price Displays for gas stations. For the other advantages, download our brochure!


Greatest readability with our LED Price Signs

The I-Catcher price signs have the advantages of SMD technology (automatic and steady perpendicular placement), and the advantages of through-hole technology like oval viewing angle and better readability in direct sunlight. This increases the efficiency of the LED Price Displays.


Automatic brightness control

The LED Display automatically adjusts its brightness to the amount of sunlight. In that way, you will always have the maximum readability of the LED Price Display. Only in extreme conditions, the LEDs will dim to protect themselves. When the temperature has settled to an acceptable level the LEDs turn up again.

Automatic brightness control LED Price Displays

Easy petrol station management app

Because of the integrated EOS Technology, the price monoliths on your forecourt will always show the right fuel prices.

  • Log in to EOS Connected and you are able to remotely monitor and adjust the prices displayed on your petrol stations. You will be automatically notified in case of a price discrepancy between POS and fuel price signs and it will change your prices automatically.
    Also, you will be able to see the condition of the price displays, allowing you to plan preventive
    maintenance. The perfect solution, especially for unmanned sites!
  • Easily change the prices shown on your displays by using the Android EOS Manager app installed. The EOS Manager covers a large distance, so the prices can be changed from the shop building without the need to go outside.

EOS Technology LED Price Displays


Complement your corporate identity

We can develop custom fonts for your LED Display which fits your corporate identity. Our LEDs are available in different colours. This way your corporate identity will be visible in every element of your petrol station.


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