Intelligent dimming EOS

Intelligent dimming provides optimum safety and energy-efficiency

Thanks to the motion detection, the Luci Series LED Under Canopy Illumination not only ensure a perfectly lit and safe forecourt when needed but also provide considerable energy savings up to 90%!

Multiple benefits arise from the intelligent dimming function of the Luci Series LED fixtures, among which considerable energy savings:


Energy savings up to 90%

Your lighting is only fully on when it’s needed. When the sensors don‘t detect any activity on the forecourt for a longer time the lights can automatically dim back to 10% of their power if required. You’ll keep the energy consumption of your petrol station as low as possible.
You can see the difference in energy consumption of metal halide fixtures and our Luci Series very well in the case study of Q8 Easy. The metal halide fixtures of 263 petrol stations were replaced with our Luci Series LED Under Canopy Illumination.


A safe environment for your customers

You need optimal light levels to create a safe environment for your forecourt? This is not necessary anymore with the Luci Series LED Under Canopy Illumination.
As it gets dark, all canopy luminaires automatically switch up to a pre-set percentage of their power. You will have a well-lit petrol station, even from a distance. You can install this percentage using our EOS Manager. When a visitor drives up to your forecourt, the fixtures automatically react by switching up the light levels. The Luci Series fixture guides the visitor safely over your forecourt.

LED Under Canopy Illumination

Optimal visibility with LED Under Canopy Illumination

Even with a minimal light output, your petrol station will be optimally visible because of the clear white light and uniformity of the Luci Series. When the lighting switches up, the white light also causes the best visibility and increase safety for your customers.


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