How to install LED fixtures in under 7 minutes

Installation of new luminaires can take a lot of time. Laying cables, installing LED fittings and configuring them all separately. Surely there has to be a better way?


The simplest way to install LED fixtures

Our Luci Series fixtures can be installed in under 7 minutes. You don’t have to install new cables, it’s a click & lock system. It’s a simple way of mounting the fitting and there is a standard automatic set up in your fixture when you plug it in. It’s much quicker.


The benefits for you and your customers

Quick installation means almost no inconvenience for your customers. Because of the fast installation time, there is always a pump available, keeping your customers happy and your station running smoothly.
The simple installation also has benefits for you as a petrol station owner. It means minimal disruption so you can have the best LED lighting installed easily.


Full service of Bever Innovations

We provide full service in Benelux countries including installation and service of our LED products. We are involved in all stages of these projects; from transportation, installation and connection to the final commissioning.
Our network of approved distributors and trained installers all over the world can supply your Luci Series LED Illumination. This assures quality all the way from the factory to your forecourt.


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