How we create a custom lighting plan for your petrol station

No petrol station or canopy is the same. We are well aware of this. We would like to surprise you with a custom made lighting plan, so that you are assured of the best lighting solution and the greatest energy savings. Dare to accept the challenge?

Our smart LED lighting is flexible and suitable for every situation. As we started to design and produce custom lighting for Shell, we found out that these fixtures would suit in many different environments. Because of this, we now have a smart fixture which can fit on every canopy and in every weather condition: the Luci Series.

Our 3 ingredients for your custom lighting plan:

Unique flexibility

Each canopy is different and may need a customized solution for the best light output and maximum energy savings, especially in retrofit situations. Our LED Under Canopy Illumination is wireless, the fixtures can be set up separately on any spot of your canopy. Set them up separately or in groups and manage them on site or remotely.


The best light output

Because of its square shape, you’ll always get a uniformity in the light output. Bright or darker spots are history. Our Luci Series carries movement detection sensors. When the fixtures detected movement, they will increase light output to a pre-set light level. When they measure no movement for a certain period of time they’ll dim to a lower light level to save energy.


Resistant to extreme weather conditions

Our LED Under Canopy Illumination is proven on forecourts all over the world. It shows us that our fixtures have the same output and life span in every weather situation, from the warmths of Morocco, to the colds of Scandinavia.


Do you want to be surprised by our custom lighting plan?

Take a look at our Canopy Lighting! We can also offer you the full package LED lighting for your petrol station. We’ll co-create your own custom lighting plan with the solutions of your choice.

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