How to make filling up quick, safe and stress-free

The three greatest annoyances of your customers are waiting too long, selecting the wrong lane and technical malfunctioning of the pump installation. Annoyances which can all be resolved quickly with the FOCUS system. Keep your forecourt comfortable for your customers, keep them informed of current waiting times and availability and guide them to the right pump.


The effects of dissatisfaction

We all know what it feels like to be annoyed. It’s a feeling you, and especially your customers, don’t want to have. Your (first) impression has to be good to bond a customer to your petrol station. If it isn’t what the customer thought it would be, consciously or unconsciously, chances are that they won’t come back. Prevent that they’ll tell their family, friends and colleagues their frustrations about your forecourt or create unsafe situations. These effect the other visitors too.


3 complaints and their solutions for your forecourt

> Waiting too long > FOCUS FPT
Show your visitors the time that another visitor is at the pump. In this way, visitors only need one glance to see which other visitor is done first.

> Selecting the wrong lane > FOCUS FPT, FP or P
Showing the time like above will help. Also, show your customers which pump is available and which is not. This increases safety on your forecourt, changing lanes is in the past.

> Technical malfunctioning of the pump installation > FOCUS FPT or FP
Lead your visitors to a pump where they can find their fuel and let them know when there is a technical malfunction in a pumps system. In this way, they can choose another pump and don’t have to waste time driving backwards and to another pump, creating unsafe situations.


How can you make this possible?

Bever Innovations has developed the FOCUS system: a visitor arriving on the forecourt only needs one glance to see which pump is available next. This system is available in 3 variations:


FOCUS FPT Bever Innovations forecourt






Showing Fuel and Pump availability combined with a timer
The first concept of this version was made for Shell. Bever Innovations created a system that guided visitors to the first available pump. As a customer drives in, signage indicates which pumps are available, where other clients are refuelling and which customers are paying and leaving the forecourt.



FOCUS FP Bever Innovations forecourt






Showing Fuel grade and Pump availability
This system informs the customers in a very intuitive manner which grade is available at which pump and when there is technical problem with the pump or if the staff have closed a lane. On EPOS connected versions it can indicate which pump is available next.



FOCUS P Bever Innovations forecourt






Showing Pump availabilty
As with Focus FP this is a simple and easy way to inform your customer which of the pumps is available.

*these systems can be branded especially to fit your company’s needs and style.

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