Great New Idea Award EOS Technology at Forecourt Show UK

Bever Innovations EOS Technology has won the Great New Idea Award at the Forecourt Show 2017 last week.
The visitors to the UK’s biggest trade event dedicated to the forecourt and fuel market voted EOS because of its Simplicity and Innovation.

EOS technology connects devices, equipment and processes in the simplest way. It’s plug and play. A wireless network will automatically be created between all EOS devices at your petrol station. It is also very safe because all data is encrypted and only you decide who has access to your connected system.

A smartphone app lets you view, analyse and configure all connected devices, even remotely and 24/7. This opens up a world of possibilities. Get more from the data of your petrol station, for example use the data from the Luci Series sensors to analyse traffic on your site to optimize operations on your forecourt and the location of your point of sale material. Enhance visitors experience and sense of safety with connected dynamic lighting. Be connected.


Photo by Forecourt Show: The Great New Idea-Award for EOS Technology was presented to Howell Griffiths, Bever Innovations’ Business Development Director UK, Ireland and Scotland who was delighted to receive this award on behalf of his colleagues.



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