Filling up safely any time, night or day

Good lighting is essential to guarantee your customers a safe place to fill up with fuel, especially at night. The Luci Series LED fittings from Bever Innovations give clear, white light with minimum energy consumption. Experience it yourself!


A safe environment

A forecourt is a very important part of your petrol station; providing a visually welcoming environment to customers that is approachable and gives a sense of safety. The clear white light and uniformity of our Luci Series creates a clean forecourt. This improves not only the visibility but also takes care of this welcoming environment and sense of safety.


Motion detection with EOS Technology

We used the Internet of Things to develop our own smart EOS Technology so you can manage the EOS devices and all the other devices, equipment and processes of your petrol station in one simple application. With this software, the LED fixtures can also communicate with each other and, for example, follow movements on your forecourt in terms of pace and direction.
When a customer arrives at your site the Luci Series detects movement and switches smoothly from dimmed to full power. Your customer will get all the light needed at that moment, providing a safe environment.

A safer forecourt in case of emergency

Your external devices, for example, your emergency system or fire alarm, can be connected to our EOS bridge. In this way, these devices can communicate with EOS connected lighting on your forecourt.

> Read here how connecting an EOS Bridge to your external network can increase safety on your forecourt!


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