LED Price Displays

Dethon – stepping up at SMD

For those who fill their tank in Mexico, chances are that the LED Price Displays they see, are produced by Social Workshop Dethon. The SMD department in Terneuzen produces LED Price Displays for Bever Innovations for petrol stations in this country and across the globe. The department is running at full speed to deliver the first order well and on time.

From the middle of March to the end of April 2018, 6000 LED Price Displays were assembled with 400 components per display. A stunning total of 2.5 million components have been installed.


Work for everyone

Arjan Tuin, department manager SMD: “Satisfied people and fun work. A beautiful order, which means a lot to our department. Normally, 10 people work for Bever Innovations. Now, we’re at a minimum of 15 people. We also get extra help from other electrical departments.” There are not only more people working at this project, they also work extra hours.


Getting up early

Carine van Acker sees more work in the placement of components. “Just think about checking and testing. The control of the LED product is also done at SMD. It’s a lot of work, but the employees are very motivated and more than willing to take a step extra. Some like to get up an hour early to finish the order. It’s interesting and beautiful work to do. They have no problem with shifted duties and working extra during break time.” The order is already completed. “Of course, we hope for a follow-up”, Arjan tells us. “After all, our goal is to put people to work and educate them in the first place. This way we can contribute and increase the employment rate of people with a distance to the labour market.”

 Text and picture: Dethon Terneuzen


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