Bever Innovations turns Tamoil into Shell

A while ago, we received a big project from Tamoil Netherlands: an image upgrade for 7 different petrol stations in the Netherlands. Our installation technicians already transformed the first Tamoil station and more will follow on short term.


4 Tamoil and 3 Esso stations

Tamoil decided that 4 Tamoil and 3 Esso stations in the Netherlands should be renewed into Shell. A big project where not only the new corporate identity has to be implemented in the canopy. Our team also has to address the brand expressions, price signs including LED Price Displays and fascias of the shop and carwash. A complete image upgrade.

image upgrade shell tamoil


The progress of the project

We finished the renewal of Tamoil Berkel Enschot already. This is now an impressive, visible and safe Shell station. We also started renewing Tamoil Herkenbosch and Esso Oude-Tonge. The four other petrol stations in Swalmen, Emmen, Nieuwendijk and Grootebroek will follow in the upcoming months.

image upgrade shell tamoil


Our own team of experts

Bever Innovations provides full service in Benelux countries including installation and service of our LED products. We are involved in all stages of these projects; from transportation, installation and connection to the final commissioning. Outside of the Benelux, we have close connections to our partners which provide the full service for us, guaranteeing our high-quality installation and final commissioning.

image upgrade shell tamoil



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