The best light levels, satisfied clients

Better light helps your customers feel safe and satisfied. It can also guide them the way on your forecourt. Light levels are a big part of creating this satisfaction and help you to reach your goals for your petrol station, like optimising sales.


The best light levels

The clear white light and uniformity of our Luci Series create a safe and clean forecourt. This improves the visibility of your petrol station.
The Luci Series fixtures contain a motion detection sensor which let the fixtures switch smoothly – automatically – from full to dimmed power when no activity is detected. If activity is measured, they will switch up again, saving energy and therefore energy costs.

Each canopy is different and may need a customized solution for the best light output. Because our LED Under Canopy– and LED Area Illumination are manageable separately or in groups, we can create a solution for every forecourt.


The benefits of our solution

A clear white and uniform light output contributes to a better visibility of your petrol station and for your visitors when they’re filling up. Besides, the fixtures function as a guide on your forecourt. The sensors will notice a visitor entering your forecourt and will communicate with the other fixtures to turn up their light output. For all petrol station owners, this means that lights are only on when needed. This ensures a lot of energy savings: up to 90%.

All this contributes to the satisfaction of your clients. And satisfied clients are returning clients!

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Manageable with EOS Manager

All the above is manageable with our own EOS Technology. This Internet of Things technology is integrated into all of Bever Innovations LED products and connects them with each other. If wanted, you can connect your external devices too with our EOS Bridge.
You can collect and analyse data in our EOS Manager application or remotely via EOS Connected. This gives a wide range of insights by which you can improve your forecourt.


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