The all-in-one offer for your forecourt

Which functions are important to you, for the best management of your site installations? Let us know! We would like to surprise you with a custom-made plan, in which optimal vision, safety and energy savings go hand-in-hand.

At the beginning of this month, we told you how we create a custom-made lighting plan for your petrol station. Now, we’re taking a look at which benefits and possibilities we can offer you and the management of your installations.



The complete package for your petrol station. Our products are designed to light every part of your forecourt and increase your customer satisfaction. From LED Displays on your forecourt to the LED Shop Illumination inside your store. All of these products together provide optimal energy savings and the best visibility for your petrol station.
This doesn’t only mean that you can replace everything in one go. It means getting everything from one company, so service is also in hands of us. No fuss calling or e-mailing every single service company or having multiple installation companies working on your forecourt at irregular times.

Another big benefit: you can manage your entire forecourt with one App on your tablet or analyse your data with a program on your computer. Because all your lights can work together through EOS Technology



All of our products can be managed by a software called EOS Technology. This software allows the LED products of Bever Innovation to communicate with each other, the EOS Manager and EOS Connected.  Sensors in each fixture will send data to your device through a wireless network.
You don’t need a cable, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Just your EOS devices. It’s incredibly easy to manage your devices and improve your forecourt to give your visitors the ultimate customer experience. Do you want to know more about increasing your customers’ experience? Click!


Create a custom-made plan, together

There are endless possibilities because every forecourt has different needs. For example, we can develop a custom font for your LED Display which fits your corporate identity. This way your corporate identity will be visible in every element of your petrol station.

custom made lighting plan LED display


Tell us your needs and we will make a custom-made lighting plan for your petrol station. 


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