The canopy: the 24/7 calling card for your business

Good lighting makes your petrol station more appealing and invites passing motorists to stop, fill their tanks with fuel and/or buy something from the shop. “A good, professional appearance, and the right choice of lighting, certainly makes a difference if there are several petrol stations in one street”, says Hugo Jongebreur, Commercial Director BeNeLux at Bever Innovations, Fuel division.

“Whereas conventional lighting is yellow, widely dispersed and offers little light output, Bever Innovations’ LED fixtures can distinguish themselves thanks to their high colour accuracy and uniform light”, he explains. “And because the light is much whiter and brighter than conventional lighting (5,700 Kelvin rather than 3,000 Kelvin), people, cars, pumps and other objects can be seen in daylight conditions at all times. Poorly lit price displays and dark corners are no longer an issue, making customers feel safer and more welcome. During the day, but also in the evening and at night.”

Let us surprise you with a bespoke lighting plan

Would you like to find out what Bever Innovations can do for your petrol station(s)? The Fuel division will be pleased to create a bespoke lighting plan for you. Clear, safe, intelligent and future-proof. “The first step in every lighting plan is to inventory the existing situation”, says Jongebreur. “This not only involves identifying existing lighting and any weaknesses (dark areas), but also means addressing the specific needs and preferences of the station owner. We can also perform a variety of light measurements if necessary.”

Virtual insight into your new petrol station lighting

The forecourt, canopy and all pumps will then be incorporated into a 3D/BIM model and a virtual insight will be offered, so station owners can see the exact effect of the new lighting. “Bever Innovations offers customers a variety of symmetric and asymmetric fixtures with a uniform appearance, which helps to realise aesthetic appeal and effective visibility. We also supply many pole-mounted fixtures in various sizes, which means it is also possible to optimise forecourts”, states Jongebreur. “Our design takes the position of existing lights into account wherever possible, so modifications to infrastructure can be kept to a minimum. In addition, our Click & Lock system enables easy installation.”

Follow in the footsteps of over 1,000 petrol stations in the Netherlands…

Petrol stations that have their own technical service can replace their conventional lighting. “What’s more, petrol station owners wishing to do so can consult Bever Innovations’ own installation engineers”, says Jongebreur. “Our support department and product managers provide maximum support for technical queries and challenges. Anyone who would prefer to first experience our LED lighting in practice can see it in action at in excess of 1,000 petrol stations in the Netherlands that have already made the switch.”

Petrol stations: well lit, safely lit

Plenty of petrol stations in the Netherlands are still struggling with defective lighting. The light level is inadequate and luminaries frequently fail, resulting in dark corners, a diminished sense of security and high maintenance/replacement costs. ‘Fortunately, the growth in the number of unmanned fuel stations is being accompanied by the growing awareness of the importance of lighting on the part of petrol station owners’, notes Hugo Jongebreur, Commercial Director Benelux at Bever Innovations, Fuel division. ‘Conventional lighting is increasingly being replaced by Bever Innovations LED lighting, which distinguishes itself by way of its long lifespan, high colour accuracy, intelligent dimming and optimum controllability.’

Long lifespan, high colour accuracy

Conventional lighting at petrol stations lasts two to three years on average, Jongebreur points out. ‘The technical service frequently has its hands full putting up and taking down scaffolding, installing ladders and replacing luminaries. But despite these efforts, they’re fighting a losing battle. It’s often several weeks before defective luminaries are brought to their attention, leaving customers to contend with dark corners and having to read numbers on displays in poor light conditions, which irks them immensely. Our LED lighting is the perfect response to this problem. The lighting easily lasts 18 years. And because the light is much whiter and brighter than conventional lighting (5,700 Kelvin rather than 3,000 Kelvin), people, cars, pumps and other objects can be seen in daylight conditions at all times.’

Q8 Easy

Your petrol station: well lit, safely lit


Intelligent dimming

Whereas conventional lighting is on full power 12 hours a day, Bever’s LED lighting automatically dims to ⅓ of lighting capacity in the absence of customers. An option that can help when there is minimal activity at the fuel station, particularly between 00:00 and 06:00. Jongebreur: ‘As soon as motion is detected, the luminaries automatically and imperceptibly come up to a certain level of lighting. Thereby enabling safe, comfortable refuelling even after sunset, with minimal energy consumption. Savings of up to 90% are not unusual.’ Thanks to the intelligent dimming, 9 out of 10 fuel station owners earn back their investment in Bever LED lighting within as little as 3 years.

Optimum controllability

Thanks to a link to Bever Innovations’ EOS network functionality, all LED luminaires automatically constitute a standalone, wireless network, which can be easily accessed and managed via an app on your smartphone or tablet. Even remotely. ‘Petrol station owners can adjust the light level and/or dimming values of the luminaries as they please’, says Jongebreur. ‘Thus ensuring we provide bespoke lighting at all times.’ Fuel stations that have already made the switch to Bever LED lighting include all Shell, Total, Q8 and BP fuel stations in the Netherlands.’

Interested in finding out what Bever Innovations could do for your fuel station? Feel free to get in touch with us by sending an e-mail to or calling +31 (0) 111 74 54 39

Intelligent dimming provides optimum safety and energy-efficiency

Thanks to the motion detection, the Luci Series LED Under Canopy Illumination not only ensure a perfectly lit and safe forecourt when needed but also provide considerable energy savings up to 90%!

Multiple benefits arise from the intelligent dimming function of the Luci Series LED fixtures, among which considerable energy savings:


Energy savings up to 90%

Your lighting is only fully on when it’s needed. When the sensors don‘t detect any activity on the forecourt for a longer time the lights can automatically dim back to 10% of their power if required. You’ll keep the energy consumption of your petrol station as low as possible.
You can see the difference in energy consumption of metal halide fixtures and our Luci Series very well in the case study of Q8 Easy. The metal halide fixtures of 263 petrol stations were replaced with our Luci Series LED Under Canopy Illumination.


A safe environment for your customers

You need optimal light levels to create a safe environment for your forecourt? This is not necessary anymore with the Luci Series LED Under Canopy Illumination.
As it gets dark, all canopy luminaires automatically switch up to a pre-set percentage of their power. You will have a well-lit petrol station, even from a distance. You can install this percentage using our EOS Manager. When a visitor drives up to your forecourt, the fixtures automatically react by switching up the light levels. The Luci Series fixture guides the visitor safely over your forecourt.

LED Under Canopy Illumination

Optimal visibility with LED Under Canopy Illumination

Even with a minimal light output, your petrol station will be optimally visible because of the clear white light and uniformity of the Luci Series. When the lighting switches up, the white light also causes the best visibility and increase safety for your customers.

Maximize light, minimize costs

The forecourt is a very important part of your petrol station; it provides a visual, safe and inviting environment for your customers during the day and at night, in which lighting plays a very important role. We will work with you to create the best solution for your individual site.


Attract, save energy and increase your promotions

We are more likely to pick places and items that are brightly lit, according to researchers. This lighting should look natural and must be without any shadows or glares. To make sure your visitors get the best customer experience, Luci Series LED Under Canopy Illumination is the way to go:

  • The clear white light and uniformity of our Luci Series create a safe and clean forecourt.
  • Easily choose the light levels of your liking- night or day with the Luci Series.
  • This also makes sure your petrol station is visible from a great distance, 24/7.
  • Motion detection and a daylight sensor make sure you will save energy at any possible time.
  • Great illumination complements your corporate identity.
  • Last but not least, the best light levels help you increase your promotion and sales.

Shell Kats Luci Series LED Under Canopy Illumination


Always the perfect light levels

The Luci Series LED Under Canopy fixture is a refined downlight of which you can select the number of LEDs and optics for an ideal lighting solution, optimised for your forecourt. The Luci Series has a lumen output up to 19.617 LM and you can choose a colour temperature of 4000K or 5700K. All of this can be set-up by you, because of our integrated EOS Technology. In this way, there is always a light level that fits your petrol station perfectly.

> Read more about the benefits in our brochure

Your forecourt: a beacon of light

Increase the attention value of your canopy with our LED Under Canopy- and Contour Illumination and create a striking beacon of light in the dark.


The best visibility with LED Under Canopy Illumination

Bever Innovations has a specially designed intelligent LED Under Canopy Illumination solution that adapts to the conditions of your petrol station. Because of the integrated EOS Technology, you can adjust the light levels to your needs at any time of the day or night; making sure your forecourt is adequately lit and welcoming at night, but saving energy when full power is not necessary. Do you brighten up your forecourt with our RGB fixtures or will you keep your colours neutral? Learn more about the best visibility >

LED Under Canopy Illumination


Add stunning visual appeal with LED Contour Illumination

Using the LED Contour Illumination, it quickly creates a very professional contour line on your canopy, shop or building. The illumination is available in multiple colours and always fits your corporate identity seamlessly. With its bright colours, you’ll create a striking beacon of light noticeable for your visitors. Read more about the benefits >

LED Contour Illumination


Optimise your promotion and sales!

Do you know which lanes at your petrol station are most frequently travelled? Thanks to our EOS Technology, you can easily gain insight into the activities at your petrol station, to which you can adapt your promotional and sales activities.


Optimise your site with EOS Technology

EOS Connected (part of EOS Technology) presents information and data in real-time. It shows an overview of all sites with EOS devices, which you can monitor remotely and gives better insight into device operating conditions. With the insights, you can continuously improve your light output so that it fits your petrol station perfectly. You’ll have the appropriate light output for every part of your petrol station, on every part of the day. Save more costs, let customers experience a pleasant and safe visit and see your sales go up!


Petrol sites overview
EOS TechnologyThe EOS LED lighting and its device infrastructure is represented by a flexible and detailed data model, a site floorplan for easy identification of device location(s).


How-to: EOS Connected

Select one of your locations on the petrol site overview and choose your preferred EOS network. You’ll see all products and devices connected to the EOS network. When you click on one of your products, you get insight into statistics like energy-use, temperature, light levels, occupancy and disruptions. Do you have an I-Catcher InMotion LED Screen on your site? Configure it with EOS Connected!



EOS Connected Heatmap EOS TechnologyOne of the available statistics of EOS Connected is a heatmap. Heatmaps offer easy visualisation of data from different devices present on site. This simple data visualisation shows an accurate map based on movement detection statistics.

EOS Connected heatmap EOS TechnologyYou’ll get a direct overview of what parts of your petrol station or which lanes are mostly occupied by your visitors. The sensor which picks up most movement is coloured red. It’s a clear and more intuitive way to view your statistics.

What is EOS Technology?

We integrated EOS Technology into our LED products. You can add it to every other device on your station. EOS devices communicate with each other and collect and sent data. To manage this data remotely, we created EOS Connected.

 Learn more about EOS Technology

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TankPro – The smart LED light

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Good lighting is important for every petrol station. Not only for the customer, but also for petrol station owners. What is already possible with intelligent LED lighting at the moment? 

The lighting which Marcel Mol installed on a number of petrol stations, doesn’t come from far away. The collaboration with Bever Innovations in Zierikzee started about 8 years ago, says the gas station operator. “We’ve used the LED products from Bever Innovations on different petrol station since 2010. There are 8 stations equipped with these LED solutions at the moment. This concerns our Price Displays, Canopy-, Area-, and Shop Illumination.”
Just next to the headquarters of fuel trader Mol Schuddebeurs at Noordgouwe one of their petrol stations is established. There are in total 22 petrol stations, spread over Zeeland and South-Holland. Shell de Gouwe is a manned location. The family business also has a big number of unmanned locations. These petrol stations we’re BP stations for years, but a few years ago, they’ve switched to the brands Shell and Avia.


Set-up and manage

At the home base of Noordgouwe, Bever Innovations and Mol are experimenting with EOS TEchnology. This technology is based on The Internet of Things. All luminaires can be set up and managed separately and communicate wirelessly with other devices, materials and processes. Management is done with an Android-app, EOS Manager, or remotely with EOS Connected.

Tankpro Magazine - De slimme LED-lamp


Reference: TankPro

Filling up safely any time, night or day

Good lighting is essential to guarantee your customers a safe place to fill up with fuel, especially at night. The Luci Series LED fittings from Bever Innovations give clear, white light with minimum energy consumption. Experience it yourself!


A safe environment

A forecourt is a very important part of your petrol station; providing a visually welcoming environment to customers that is approachable and gives a sense of safety. The clear white light and uniformity of our Luci Series creates a clean forecourt. This improves not only the visibility but also takes care of this welcoming environment and sense of safety.


Motion detection with EOS Technology

We used the Internet of Things to develop our own smart EOS Technology so you can manage the EOS devices and all the other devices, equipment and processes of your petrol station in one simple application. With this software, the LED fixtures can also communicate with each other and, for example, follow movements on your forecourt in terms of pace and direction.
When a customer arrives at your site the Luci Series detects movement and switches smoothly from dimmed to full power. Your customer will get all the light needed at that moment, providing a safe environment.

A safer forecourt in case of emergency

Your external devices, for example, your emergency system or fire alarm, can be connected to our EOS bridge. In this way, these devices can communicate with EOS connected lighting on your forecourt.

> Read here how connecting an EOS Bridge to your external network can increase safety on your forecourt!

Maximum reliability, minimum maintenance

Forget about maintenance. The Luci Series LED Under Canopy fixtures guarantee a long lifespan of more than 20 years.


Long lifespan in every weather condition

The award-winning Luci Series is in all aspects the most cost-effective and reliable way to light up your forecourt. Our development team designed them to last more than 20 years in every weather condition. Based on 12 hours of use per day or night, 365 days a year on 100% of its power. How do we know? Our LED Under Canopy Illumination proved itself in over 86 countries around the world.

LED Under Canopy Illumination - Luci Series





EOS Technology

Manage your EOS devices and all your other devices, equipment and processes of your petrol station in one simple application. This petrol station management system is called the EOS Manager, or the remote manager: EOS Connected. This connectivity provides various benefits for every petrol station owner in terms of saving energyimproving safety and predictive maintenance. This technology makes sure the maintenance of LED products is in the past.


Predictive maintenance of LED solutions

Predict maintenance of LED fixtures with EOS Connected. EOS Connected is an intuitive web-based management system for EOS devices and Bever innovations LED products, that gives information about your forecourt infrastructure. The constant flow of data from connected EOS devices enables unforeseen situations in your devices to be spotted in real time. Connected systems can provide a great amount of data to allow more accurate predictive analysis, allowing you to optimize decision making and the use of connected (EOS) devices.

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How we create a custom lighting plan for your petrol station

No petrol station or canopy is the same. We are well aware of this. We would like to surprise you with a custom-made lighting plan so that you are assured of the best lighting solution and the greatest energy savings. Dare to accept the challenge?

Our smart LED lighting is flexible and suitable for every situation. As we started to design and produce custom lighting for Shell, we found out that these fixtures would suit in many different environments. Because of this, we now have a smart fixture which can fit on every canopy and in every weather condition: the Luci Series.

Our 3 ingredients for your custom lighting plan:



Each canopy is different and may need a customized solution for the best light output and maximum energy savings, especially in retrofit situations. Our LED Under Canopy Illumination is wireless and can be placed on any part of your canopy or placed on the spots of your old lighting.


The best light output

Because of the square shape of the Luci Series fixture and the special shape of the LEDs, you’ll always get a uniformity in the light output. Bright or darker spots are history. Our Luci Series is equipped with motion detection sensors, but how does this work? For example, when the fixtures detected movement, they will increase light output to a pre-set light level. When they measure no movement for a certain period of time they’ll dim to a lower light level to save energy.


Resistant to extreme weather conditions

Our LED Under Canopy Illumination is proven on forecourts all over the world. It shows us that our fixtures have the same output and lifespan in every weather situation, from the warmth of Morocco to the cold of Scandinavia.

Do you want to be surprised by our custom lighting plan?

Take a look at our Canopy Lighting! We can also offer you the all LED lighting solutions for your petrol station. We’ll co-create your own custom lighting plan with the solutions that fulfil your wishes.

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How to install LED fixtures in under 7 minutes

Installation of new luminaires can take a lot of time. Laying cables, installing LED fittings and configuring them all separately. Surely there has to be a better way?


The simplest way to install LED fixtures

Our Luci Series fixtures can be installed in under 7 minutes. You don’t have to install new cables, it’s a click & lock system. It’s a simple way of mounting the fitting and there is a standard automatic set up in your fixture when you plug it in. It’s much quicker.


The benefits for you and your customers

Quick installation means almost no inconvenience for your customers. Because of the fast installation time, there is always a pump available, keeping your customers happy and your station running smoothly.
The simple installation also has benefits for you as a petrol station owner. It means minimal disruption so you can have the best LED lighting installed easily.


Full service of Bever Innovations

We provide full service in Benelux countries including installation and service of our LED products. We are involved in all stages of these projects; from transportation, installation and connection to the final commissioning.
Our network of approved distributors and trained installers all over the world can supply your Luci Series LED Illumination. This assures quality all the way from the factory to your forecourt.

The best light levels, satisfied clients

Better light helps your customers feel safe and satisfied. It can also guide them the way on your forecourt. Light levels are a big part of creating this satisfaction and help you to reach your goals for your petrol station, like optimising sales.


The best light levels

The clear white light and uniformity of our Luci Series create a safe and clean forecourt. This improves the visibility of your petrol station.
The Luci Series fixtures contain a motion detection sensor which let the fixtures switch smoothly – automatically – from full to dimmed power when no activity is detected. If activity is measured, they will switch up again, saving energy and therefore energy costs.

Each canopy is different and may need a customized solution for the best light output. Because our LED Under Canopy– and LED Area Illumination are manageable separately or in groups, we can create a solution for every forecourt.


The benefits of our solution

A clear white and uniform light output contributes to a better visibility of your petrol station and for your visitors when they’re filling up. Besides, the fixtures function as a guide on your forecourt. The sensors will notice a visitor entering your forecourt and will communicate with the other fixtures to turn up their light output. For all petrol station owners, this means that lights are only on when needed. This ensures a lot of energy savings: up to 90%.

All this contributes to the satisfaction of your clients. And satisfied clients are returning clients!

> Download our LED Under Canopy- or LED Area Illumination brochure


Manageable with EOS Manager

All the above is manageable with our own EOS Technology. This Internet of Things technology is integrated into all of Bever Innovations LED products and connects them with each other. If wanted, you can connect your external devices too with our EOS Bridge.
You can collect and analyse data in our EOS Manager application or remotely via EOS Connected. This gives a wide range of insights by which you can improve your forecourt.