The ultimate energy-saving

Thanks to the connection to our EOS network, you get insight into the energy consumption of your LED fixtures on your forecourt. In this way, you can easily optimise your installations. That’s how you can achieve ultimate energy-saving.


Only when needed

Inside our EOS products, there are multiple sensors, like daylight, motion and temperature sensors. Each sensor helps you with improving the energy consumption of your LED fixture. In this way, lighting is only on when it’s needed which ensures that energy consumption is kept as low as possible.


Data is everything

Sensors share their behaviour via the wireless EOS network. With the EOS Manager, you can see your energy consumption together with other data of your forecourt. With this data, you can change your light output at any moment. In this way, you can constantly optimise the light output on your forecourt and make your energy consumption as low as possible. Read more about our EOS Manager application and its functions!


What is EOS Technology?

Watch the video or take a look here and create the ultimate energy-saving yourself.

Intelligent dimming provides optimum safety and energy-efficiency

Thanks to the motion detection, the Luci Series LED Under Canopy Illumination not only ensure a perfectly lit and safe forecourt when needed but also provide considerable energy savings up to 90%!

Multiple benefits arise from the intelligent dimming function of the Luci Series LED fixtures, among which considerable energy savings:


Energy savings up to 90%

Your lighting is only fully on when it’s needed. When the sensors don‘t detect any activity on the forecourt for a longer time the lights can automatically dim back to 10% of their power if required. You’ll keep the energy consumption of your petrol station as low as possible.
You can see the difference in energy consumption of metal halide fixtures and our Luci Series very well in the case study of Q8 Easy. The metal halide fixtures of 263 petrol stations were replaced with our Luci Series LED Under Canopy Illumination.


A safe environment for your customers

You need optimal light levels to create a safe environment for your forecourt? This is not necessary anymore with the Luci Series LED Under Canopy Illumination.
As it gets dark, all canopy luminaires automatically switch up to a pre-set percentage of their power. You will have a well-lit petrol station, even from a distance. You can install this percentage using our EOS Manager. When a visitor drives up to your forecourt, the fixtures automatically react by switching up the light levels. The Luci Series fixture guides the visitor safely over your forecourt.

LED Under Canopy Illumination

Optimal visibility with LED Under Canopy Illumination

Even with a minimal light output, your petrol station will be optimally visible because of the clear white light and uniformity of the Luci Series. When the lighting switches up, the white light also causes the best visibility and increase safety for your customers.

Maximize light, minimize costs

The forecourt is a very important part of your petrol station; it provides a visual, safe and inviting environment for your customers during the day and at night, in which lighting plays a very important role. We will work with you to create the best solution for your individual site.


Attract, save energy and increase your promotions

We are more likely to pick places and items that are brightly lit, according to researchers. This lighting should look natural and must be without any shadows or glares. To make sure your visitors get the best customer experience, Luci Series LED Under Canopy Illumination is the way to go:

  • The clear white light and uniformity of our Luci Series create a safe and clean forecourt.
  • Easily choose the light levels of your liking- night or day with the Luci Series.
  • This also makes sure your petrol station is visible from a great distance, 24/7.
  • Motion detection and a daylight sensor make sure you will save energy at any possible time.
  • Great illumination complements your corporate identity.
  • Last but not least, the best light levels help you increase your promotion and sales.

Shell Kats Luci Series LED Under Canopy Illumination


Always the perfect light levels

The Luci Series LED Under Canopy fixture is a refined downlight of which you can select the number of LEDs and optics for an ideal lighting solution, optimised for your forecourt. The Luci Series has a lumen output up to 19.617 LM and you can choose a colour temperature of 4000K or 5700K. All of this can be set-up by you, because of our integrated EOS Technology. In this way, there is always a light level that fits your petrol station perfectly.

> Read more about the benefits in our brochure

Our LED Price Displays

Is it time to renew your Price Displays? With Bever Innovations’ LED Price Signs, you have the best solution within reach. We look at 4 of the advantages of these intelligent LED Price Displays for gas stations. For the other advantages, download our brochure!


Greatest readability with our LED Price Signs

The I-Catcher price signs have the advantages of SMD technology (automatic and steady perpendicular placement), and the advantages of through-hole technology like oval viewing angle and better readability in direct sunlight. This increases the efficiency of the LED Price Displays.


Automatic brightness control

The LED Display automatically adjusts its brightness to the amount of sunlight. In that way, you will always have the maximum readability of the LED Price Display. Only in extreme conditions, the LEDs will dim to protect themselves. When the temperature has settled to an acceptable level the LEDs turn up again.

Automatic brightness control LED Price Displays

Easy petrol station management app

Because of the integrated EOS Technology, the price monoliths on your forecourt will always show the right fuel prices.

  • Log in to EOS Connected and you are able to remotely monitor and adjust the prices displayed on your petrol stations. You will be automatically notified in case of a price discrepancy between POS and fuel price signs and it will change your prices automatically.
    Also, you will be able to see the condition of the price displays, allowing you to plan preventive
    maintenance. The perfect solution, especially for unmanned sites!
  • Easily change the prices shown on your displays by using the Android EOS Manager app installed. The EOS Manager covers a large distance, so the prices can be changed from the shop building without the need to go outside.

EOS Technology LED Price Displays


Complement your corporate identity

We can develop custom fonts for your LED Display which fits your corporate identity. Our LEDs are available in different colours. This way your corporate identity will be visible in every element of your petrol station.

Your forecourt: a beacon of light

Increase the attention value of your canopy with our LED Under Canopy- and Contour Illumination and create a striking beacon of light in the dark.


The best visibility with LED Under Canopy Illumination

Bever Innovations has a specially designed intelligent LED Under Canopy Illumination solution that adapts to the conditions of your petrol station. Because of the integrated EOS Technology, you can adjust the light levels to your needs at any time of the day or night; making sure your forecourt is adequately lit and welcoming at night, but saving energy when full power is not necessary. Do you brighten up your forecourt with our RGB fixtures or will you keep your colours neutral? Learn more about the best visibility >

LED Under Canopy Illumination


Add stunning visual appeal with LED Contour Illumination

Using the LED Contour Illumination, it quickly creates a very professional contour line on your canopy, shop or building. The illumination is available in multiple colours and always fits your corporate identity seamlessly. With its bright colours, you’ll create a striking beacon of light noticeable for your visitors. Read more about the benefits >

LED Contour Illumination


Optimise your promotion and sales!

Do you know which lanes at your petrol station are most frequently travelled? Thanks to our EOS Technology, you can easily gain insight into the activities at your petrol station, to which you can adapt your promotional and sales activities.


Optimise your site with EOS Technology

EOS Connected (part of EOS Technology) presents information and data in real-time. It shows an overview of all sites with EOS devices, which you can monitor remotely and gives better insight into device operating conditions. With the insights, you can continuously improve your light output so that it fits your petrol station perfectly. You’ll have the appropriate light output for every part of your petrol station, on every part of the day. Save more costs, let customers experience a pleasant and safe visit and see your sales go up!


Petrol sites overview
EOS TechnologyThe EOS LED lighting and its device infrastructure is represented by a flexible and detailed data model, a site floorplan for easy identification of device location(s).


How-to: EOS Connected

Select one of your locations on the petrol site overview and choose your preferred EOS network. You’ll see all products and devices connected to the EOS network. When you click on one of your products, you get insight into statistics like energy-use, temperature, light levels, occupancy and disruptions. Do you have an I-Catcher InMotion LED Screen on your site? Configure it with EOS Connected!



EOS Connected Heatmap EOS TechnologyOne of the available statistics of EOS Connected is a heatmap. Heatmaps offer easy visualisation of data from different devices present on site. This simple data visualisation shows an accurate map based on movement detection statistics.

EOS Connected heatmap EOS TechnologyYou’ll get a direct overview of what parts of your petrol station or which lanes are mostly occupied by your visitors. The sensor which picks up most movement is coloured red. It’s a clear and more intuitive way to view your statistics.

What is EOS Technology?

We integrated EOS Technology into our LED products. You can add it to every other device on your station. EOS devices communicate with each other and collect and sent data. To manage this data remotely, we created EOS Connected.

 Learn more about EOS Technology

> or download the EOS Brochure!


The all-in-one offer for your forecourt

Which functions are important to you, for the best management of your site installations? Let us know! We would like to surprise you with a custom-made plan, in which optimal vision, safety and energy savings go hand-in-hand.

At the beginning of this month, we told you how we create a custom-made lighting plan for your petrol station. Now, we’re taking a look at which benefits and possibilities we can offer you and the management of your installations.



The complete package for your petrol station. Our products are designed to light every part of your forecourt and increase your customer satisfaction. From LED Displays on your forecourt to the LED Shop Illumination inside your store. All of these products together provide optimal energy savings and the best visibility for your petrol station.
This doesn’t only mean that you can replace everything in one go. It means getting everything from one company, so service is also in hands of us. No fuss calling or e-mailing every single service company or having multiple installation companies working on your forecourt at irregular times.

Another big benefit: you can manage your entire forecourt with one App on your tablet or analyse your data with a program on your computer. Because all your lights can work together through EOS Technology



All of our products can be managed by a software called EOS Technology. This software allows the LED products of Bever Innovation to communicate with each other, the EOS Manager and EOS Connected.  Sensors in each fixture will send data to your device through a wireless network.
You don’t need a cable, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Just your EOS devices. It’s incredibly easy to manage your devices and improve your forecourt to give your visitors the ultimate customer experience. Do you want to know more about increasing your customers’ experience? Click!


Create a custom-made plan, together

There are endless possibilities because every forecourt has different needs. For example, we can develop a custom font for your LED Display which fits your corporate identity. This way your corporate identity will be visible in every element of your petrol station.

custom made lighting plan LED display


Tell us your needs and we will make a custom-made lighting plan for your petrol station. 

Wireless communication at your petrol site

Wireless communication at your petrol site
(Translated Pompshop magazine article, December 2017)

Bever Innovations has completed the next phase in developing the company’s EOS LED fixtures. Last summer Bever used the latest LED luminaires with EOS technology to carry out on site development and testing at ‘De Gouwe’ Shell Station in Noordgouwe, the Netherlands. Director, Jeannot Bruggeling said that the results of the tests showed that EOS technology incorporated into the LED luminaire’s is ready for worldwide implementation.







Luminaires communicate wirelessly
Bever Innovations has a solid reputation on the world stage as a developer and supplier of sustainable, high-quality LED lighting systems and solutions. Bruggeling says, ‘Using our EOS technology, enables our fixtures not only to communicate with one another wirelessly but also to connect with other technological processes and devices present at a petrol station. This was once again demonstrated in the on-site testing. The site operator is quickly given an overview of the activity at his station. For example, what pumps are being used most frequently and what route most customers are taking across the forecourt.’

Energy savings
‘During the practical tests Bever were able to show the effects of innovations that we have incorporated into our latest EOS LED fixtures, Luci Series LED under canopy illumination and area lighting fittings.’ These show how the luminaires function when customers start refuelling. ‘When the nozzle is picked up, this is automatically and wirelessly communicated to the lighting system. The EOS system then participates in such a way that the best light output is given to enhance safety whilst refuelling.’







Last summer’s practical tests also displayed the possibilities of the system using EOS technology – for example, when there is unusual movement on the forecourt, the LED lighting can be operated by the alarm system which has received information from the built in EOS LED lighting sensors. The result is that the station will be fully lit if there is any trouble.’ Following these on-site tests, Bever Innovations is now engaged in development of a similar series of connection options to systems such as point-of-sale, alarm systems and other equipment on the forecourt.

It has already been demonstrated that the use of Bever developed LED fixtures enables the operators of the fuel station to make big savings in terms of energy consumption. The lighting system switches to ‘Eco’ mode when there are no visitors at the petrol station. As soon as a customer drives onto the forecourt, the lighting switches from an already attractive standby to a brighter level. The lighting is turned up not only in the canopy, especially in the lane where the visitor stops his vehicle but also when the customer subsequently leaves the fuel station, the Luci Series Ambiente area illumination will brightly illuminate the exit route.

Added value
Using EOS technology, the LED fixtures can communicate with one another in such a way that light sources are able to follow movements on the forecourt in terms of pace and direction. ‘Furthermore, there is no need to install any separate infrastructure for the installation of Bever EOS LED fixtures – the luminaires use the existing cabling already there on site. In other words, the smart lighting can be installed at the petrol station in a short space of time. The speed with which such a conversion can be achieved constitutes added value for our buyers.’

Great New Idea Award EOS Technology at Forecourt Show UK

Bever Innovations EOS Technology has won the Great New Idea Award at the Forecourt Show 2017 last week.
The visitors to the UK’s biggest trade event dedicated to the forecourt and fuel market voted EOS because of its Simplicity and Innovation.

EOS technology connects devices, equipment and processes in the simplest way. It’s plug and play. A wireless network will automatically be created between all EOS devices at your petrol station. It is also very safe because all data is encrypted and only you decide who has access to your connected system.

A smartphone app lets you view, analyse and configure all connected devices, even remotely and 24/7. This opens up a world of possibilities. Get more from the data of your petrol station, for example use the data from the Luci Series sensors to analyse traffic on your site to optimize operations on your forecourt and the location of your point of sale material. Enhance visitors experience and sense of safety with connected dynamic lighting. Be connected.


Photo by Forecourt Show: The Great New Idea-Award for EOS Technology was presented to Howell Griffiths, Bever Innovations’ Business Development Director UK, Ireland and Scotland who was delighted to receive this award on behalf of his colleagues.


EOS Technology at Forecourt Show Birmingham 24-26th May 2017

On the 24th till 26th of April the UK’s biggest trade only event dedicated to the retail forecourt and convenience store market takes place in Birmingham.
As a key manufacturer of LED-solutions for the fuel retail industry, Bever Innovations will present their latest products at stand T121.

There you will see the first pictures of our new full colour I-Catcher InMo digital forecourt sign next to our renowned Luci Series LED under canopy illumination, i-Catcher price displays and EOS Technology.

EOS nominated for Great New Idea-prize

Our wireless EOS network takes part in the Great New Idea-contest. We will be very grateful if you vote for EOS Technology. Read more about EOS and place your vote here.

Register here for free and join us at The Forecourt Show 2017
April 24-26th 2017
NEC Birmingham