Your forecourt: a beacon of light

Increase the attention value of your canopy with our LED Under Canopy- and Contour Illumination and create a striking beacon of light in the dark.


The best visibility with LED Under Canopy Illumination

Bever Innovations has a specially designed intelligent LED Under Canopy Illumination solution that adapts to the conditions of your petrol station. Because of the integrated EOS Technology, you can adjust the light levels to your needs at any time of the day or night; making sure your forecourt is adequately lit and welcoming at night, but saving energy when full power is not necessary. Do you brighten up your forecourt with our RGB fixtures or will you keep your colours neutral? Learn more about the best visibility >

LED Under Canopy Illumination


Add stunning visual appeal with LED Contour Illumination

Using the LED Contour Illumination, it quickly creates a very professional contour line on your canopy, shop or building. The illumination is available in multiple colours and always fits your corporate identity seamlessly. With its bright colours, you’ll create a striking beacon of light noticeable for your visitors. Read more about the benefits >

LED Contour Illumination


Bever Innovations announces strategic global partnership with Visive Group Ltd.

(For the German version of the Press Release, please click here)

From today, Bever Innovations works together with a new partner. We signed a Manufacturing and Supply Agreement with Visive Group Ltd. We have worked closely for many months using our combined experience and knowledge for innovative technology to develop a new LED contour tube that is visually stunning, easy to install, and also saves on energy usage and maintenance. It is all about joining forces; global market presence and quality products with short lead times.

LED Tube Visive

About Visive Group

Established in 2000, Visive Group is a leading UK designer and global manufacturer of LED contour lighting. Visive’s LED lighting division supplies contour tubing, along with smart control components which are installed on service stations and retail shops around the world.


“We look forward to working closely”

Commercial Director of Bever Innovations, Erwin Dingemanse commented

This collaborative relationship provides Bever Innovations with the opportunity to have our own branded LED contour tube which complements our other wide-range of innovative LED products- and solutions. This will give Bever Innovations a competitive advantage in the global petrol retail market”.

John Scholey Visive’s Sales Director:

“This is an important step in our ‘strategic growth plan’. To have an international partner like Bever Innovations with their extensive sales team and expertise in manufacturing and selling LED products to the Petroleum market in so many countries is ideal for our business. We look forward to working closely with their team and supplying them with quality LED Contour tube on a global basis”


Where will we sell it?

Bever Innovations will sell the LED Contour tube globally, excluding the UK, Ireland, and China. Visive will manage trade in these regions.