Product in the spotlight: Ambiente Area Illumination

The use of clear, white light on both the forecourt and car park and under the canopy of a fuel station ensures that drivers feel safe and at ease. Bever Innovations is homing in on this by means of such products as the Ambiente area luminaries, which combine the best characteristics of the Luci Series LED Under Canopy luminaries (perfect light levels, high quality, considerable energy savings) with an aesthetically appealing design.



Securing the luminaries to your posts or lamp posts is straightforward and they have a cast aluminum housing that guarantees optimum waterproofing. Their lifespan of over 70,000 burning hours means you will no longer have to worry about your site lighting.

The key benefits of Ambiente Area Illumination:

  • Variety of lamps
    Ambiente area lighting comes in a variety of luminaires. What’s more, users can choose from 20, 25 or 40 LEDs, in colour temperatures of 4000 or 5700 Kelvin, thus providing a perfect lighting solution for any spot on your site.
  • Optimum protection
    The Ambiente uses advanced LED technologies. If the temperature of the LEDs on the circuit board exceeds 80˚C, the LIPS (Luminary Intelligent Protection System) will automatically be activated, for instance. The LIPS will ensure that the site lighting is automatically dimmed. Thus providing optimum protection for the luminary without making concessions in terms of the stated lifespan. What’s more, every segment of the circuit board is continuously checked for voltage spikes, short circuits and temperature breaches. In addition, the luminaries feature a Light Normalizer that continuously measures reductions in light output and, if necessary, automatically compensates for them.

Distinguishing features of Ambiente area lighting:

  • Part of a stand-alone, wireless lighting network
    Ambiente area lighting is fitted with EOS technology as standard. Developed by Bever Innovations, this technology encompasses a control circuit board and an antenna which are incorporated into the lighting fixtures in a smart, discreet way so as not to be visible. The fixtures can subsequently be connected up on-site plug and play-style, with any existing infrastructure being preserved to the maximum extent possible. Following installation, the LED luminaries will automatically constitute a stand-alone wireless network. They not only relay information to each other 24/7 but also communicate to other Bever products on-site. Although the Ambiente luminaries do not have their own motion and daylight sensors, thanks to the EOS network they are capable of using measurement data from the other LED products. Moreover, it is possible to connect up separate daylight and motion sensors to the luminaries.

Network completeness
Analysing the saved data from the luminaries gives rise to possibilities in terms of network completeness and 100% predictive maintenance. For instance, the data renders current energy consumption levels transparent. Furthermore, fuel station operators can easily see how much they have saved by switching to Luci Series Ambiente area illumination.

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Optimise your promotion and sales!

Do you know which lanes at your petrol station are most frequently travelled? Thanks to our EOS Technology, you can easily gain insight into the activities at your petrol station, to which you can adapt your promotional and sales activities.


Optimise your site with EOS Technology

EOS Connected (part of EOS Technology) presents information and data in real-time. It shows an overview of all sites with EOS devices, which you can monitor remotely and gives better insight into device operating conditions. With the insights, you can continuously improve your light output so that it fits your petrol station perfectly. You’ll have the appropriate light output for every part of your petrol station, on every part of the day. Save more costs, let customers experience a pleasant and safe visit and see your sales go up!


Petrol sites overview
EOS TechnologyThe EOS LED lighting and its device infrastructure is represented by a flexible and detailed data model, a site floorplan for easy identification of device location(s).


How-to: EOS Connected

Select one of your locations on the petrol site overview and choose your preferred EOS network. You’ll see all products and devices connected to the EOS network. When you click on one of your products, you get insight into statistics like energy-use, temperature, light levels, occupancy and disruptions. Do you have an I-Catcher InMotion LED Screen on your site? Configure it with EOS Connected!



EOS Connected Heatmap EOS TechnologyOne of the available statistics of EOS Connected is a heatmap. Heatmaps offer easy visualisation of data from different devices present on site. This simple data visualisation shows an accurate map based on movement detection statistics.

EOS Connected heatmap EOS TechnologyYou’ll get a direct overview of what parts of your petrol station or which lanes are mostly occupied by your visitors. The sensor which picks up most movement is coloured red. It’s a clear and more intuitive way to view your statistics.

What is EOS Technology?

We integrated EOS Technology into our LED products. You can add it to every other device on your station. EOS devices communicate with each other and collect and sent data. To manage this data remotely, we created EOS Connected.

 Learn more about EOS Technology

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How we create a custom lighting plan for your petrol station

No petrol station or canopy is the same. We are well aware of this. We would like to surprise you with a custom-made lighting plan so that you are assured of the best lighting solution and the greatest energy savings. Dare to accept the challenge?

Our smart LED lighting is flexible and suitable for every situation. As we started to design and produce custom lighting for Shell, we found out that these fixtures would suit in many different environments. Because of this, we now have a smart fixture which can fit on every canopy and in every weather condition: the Luci Series.

Our 3 ingredients for your custom lighting plan:



Each canopy is different and may need a customized solution for the best light output and maximum energy savings, especially in retrofit situations. Our LED Under Canopy Illumination is wireless and can be placed on any part of your canopy or placed on the spots of your old lighting.


The best light output

Because of the square shape of the Luci Series fixture and the special shape of the LEDs, you’ll always get a uniformity in the light output. Bright or darker spots are history. Our Luci Series is equipped with motion detection sensors, but how does this work? For example, when the fixtures detected movement, they will increase light output to a pre-set light level. When they measure no movement for a certain period of time they’ll dim to a lower light level to save energy.


Resistant to extreme weather conditions

Our LED Under Canopy Illumination is proven on forecourts all over the world. It shows us that our fixtures have the same output and lifespan in every weather situation, from the warmth of Morocco to the cold of Scandinavia.

Do you want to be surprised by our custom lighting plan?

Take a look at our Canopy Lighting! We can also offer you the all LED lighting solutions for your petrol station. We’ll co-create your own custom lighting plan with the solutions that fulfil your wishes.

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The best light levels, satisfied clients

Better light helps your customers feel safe and satisfied. It can also guide them the way on your forecourt. Light levels are a big part of creating this satisfaction and help you to reach your goals for your petrol station, like optimising sales.


The best light levels

The clear white light and uniformity of our Luci Series create a safe and clean forecourt. This improves the visibility of your petrol station.
The Luci Series fixtures contain a motion detection sensor which let the fixtures switch smoothly – automatically – from full to dimmed power when no activity is detected. If activity is measured, they will switch up again, saving energy and therefore energy costs.

Each canopy is different and may need a customized solution for the best light output. Because our LED Under Canopy– and LED Area Illumination are manageable separately or in groups, we can create a solution for every forecourt.


The benefits of our solution

A clear white and uniform light output contributes to a better visibility of your petrol station and for your visitors when they’re filling up. Besides, the fixtures function as a guide on your forecourt. The sensors will notice a visitor entering your forecourt and will communicate with the other fixtures to turn up their light output. For all petrol station owners, this means that lights are only on when needed. This ensures a lot of energy savings: up to 90%.

All this contributes to the satisfaction of your clients. And satisfied clients are returning clients!

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Manageable with EOS Manager

All the above is manageable with our own EOS Technology. This Internet of Things technology is integrated into all of Bever Innovations LED products and connects them with each other. If wanted, you can connect your external devices too with our EOS Bridge.
You can collect and analyse data in our EOS Manager application or remotely via EOS Connected. This gives a wide range of insights by which you can improve your forecourt.