Full service

From the design and the procurement to guiding the production at the workshops, everything is completed by Bever Innovations in the Netherlands. As well as manufacturing, Bever Innovations provides full service in BeNeLux countries including installation and service of our LED products. We are involved in all stages of these projects; from transportation, installation and connection to the final commissioning.


Everything for your petrol station

Bever Innovations gives petrol stations a complete image upgrade. From forecourt displays to totems with LED video screens and from fascias to LED canopy and area lighting. But we also install shop lighting and execute entire outdoor signage in the current corporate identity. Of course, we use Bever Innovations LED products for all lighting applications; because it’s all about good visibility.


Full service upgrade of forecourt canopy cladding

At the Dutch Shell station ‘Shell Druten’ in The Netherlands, the forecourt got a complete image upgrade. A few years ago, De Jong selected a new ICatcher LED price display from Bever Innovations and in 2015 the entire petrol station was equipped with Luci Series canopy lighting. Because of the good experience and competitive price, Bever Innovations was also the obvious choice to revamp the fascia.
We replaced the old florescent lighting with Redbar on the canopy with a total of 3 sides, 55 metres of length and 2 logos. The recolouring of this petrol station causes improved visibility and improved safety but it also means that Shell Druten now saves up to 75-80% energy. In the case study you’ll find out what Bever Innovations’ full service really means:

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