EOS Technology manage your petrol station

How EOS provides energy savings

To save energy, you have to use less energy. But how do you do it and still be visible enough for your customers? With the energy-saving LED lights, integrated with Bever Innovations’ EOS Technology.


Intelligent dimming

Inside our EOS products, there are multiple sensors, like daylight, motion and temperature sensors. Each sensor helps you with improving your energy saving of LED lights. In this way, lighting is only on when it’s needed, which ensures that energy consumption is kept as low as possible.

Intelligent dimming in practice with LED Under Canopy Illumination:

The fixtures switch on when they don’t measure enough daylight on your forecourt. They switch up to a pre-set light level which you can set with the EOS Manager app. As soon as a customer drives onto the forecourt, the sensors notice activity and the lighting switches from an already attractive standby to a brighter level. In this way, your customer can refuel safe and easy. After the driver leaves, the LED lights on your forecourt will guide the way by illuminating in the right place, at the right time. After that, the lights dim back to a pre-set light level.
When the sensors don‘t detect any activity on the forecourt for a longer time the lights can automatically dim back to 90% of their power if required. This is the Deep Dim mode which ensures that energy consumption is kept to a minimum: real energy-saving LED lights!

‘When activity is picked up, this is automatically and wirelessly communicated to the lighting system. The EOS system then participates in such a way that the best light output is given.’

Case study

Read the case study of Shell de Gouwe who saved a lot of energy costs, just because of our energy-saving LED lights.

Mol Schuddebeurs Test location


More energy savings, even at night

Your LED Under Canopy Illumination is one of the biggest players in this energy saving process. This is the place where your customers spent most of their time and do the actual transaction. You want them to do it simple, easy and be satisfied after they leave. So you’ll leave your canopy lights on at full power every night.

Our Luci Series, our energy-saving LED lights for your canopy, is integrated with EOS Technology and can help you to achieve your goals. It ensures your canopy is adequately lit and provides a visually welcoming environment to customers that is approachable and gives a sense of safety.


Manage your energy consumption and save more

Sensors share their behaviour via the wireless EOS network. With the EOS Manager, you can see your energy consumption together with other data of your forecourt. Read data of all energy saving led lights or read it out per fixture. Use this data to take your energy consumption to a lower level. Data is everything.

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