How EOS improves safety

Using EOS Technology, the LED fixtures can communicate with one another in such a way that light sources are able to follow movements on the forecourt in terms of pace and direction.


Optimal visibility

As soon as it gets dark, all area- and canopy luminaires automatically switch up to 30% of their power, so that the petrol station is well lit, even from a distance. When a visitor drives up to your forecourt, the EOS connected devices automatically react.


Your personal guide

Customers are optimally and safely lit when approaching, arriving on or moving about on the forecourt, all due to the EOS connected LED luminaires on site.

Your personal guide in practice:

  1. Sensors detect presence on the forecourt and Ambiente Area fixtures build up their light output.
  2. EOS connection enables Luci Series LED Under Canopy Illumination to maximize their light output to enhance safety.
  3. Luci Series downlight fittings turn up their output to welcome the customers.
  4. Sensors in the canopy lighting can activate Shop Illumination to shine a brighter when customers approach the shop.
  5. When a car leaves the forecourt canopy lighting activates area illumination so that customers are guided in the right direction to go safely on their journey.


A safer forecourt in case of emergency

Your external devices can be connected to our EOS bridge. In this way these devices can communicate with EOS connected lighting on your forecourt.

For example:
You can connect your emergency lighting, security system and your gates with our EOS Bridge. When the security system detects strange activities the intelligent LED fixtures and other systems connected to the EOS network react to your security system. For example by switching up the light levels, or lighting up your path to the nearest security exits.

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