Shell de Gouwe Noordgouwe EOS Luci Ambiente

26-6-2017 | Shell Noordgouwe test location for innovative EOS Technology

Lighting specialist Bever Innovations gave Shell station in Noordgouwe a total make-over with EOS LED products for a practical test with its EOS Technology. The EOS technology in the fifteen LED Area and six LED Under Canopy lights ensures that the devices can communicate with each other ánd with other systems, such as your POS, security and fire system.
For example, fixtures can tell each other to shine brighter when one of them detects movement. The lights also pass on maintenance requirements based on their operating status. In case of emergencies, the lighting will illuminate at maximum power and the built-in motion sensors can activate the safety system.

Mol Schuddebeurs Test location


Bever Innovations sees many other possibilities for EOS technology to make the business operations more efficient, this will also be tested at the Shell station. These results and the experiences of the pump holder in the field of safety, customer experience and energy reduction provide insight into the applicability and ease of use of EOS technology for other innovative pump holders.

Innovative pump holders could apply for this practical test. After testing the complete installation would become the property of the station. Shell Noordgouwe was chosen because it has a complete location with a shop, a large forecourt and an enclosed area with various lighting columns. The results of the test were shared at the end of 2017 with the readers of the magazine Pompshop.

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