Easy forecourt management

Two ways to manage your data making it simple to analyse and use this data to improve your forecourt and prevent inconvenience. The EOS Manager application helps you with the set-up of all your connected EOS devices. Manage your lights in groups or one by one and set their light levels. EOS Connected gives you a complete and structured overview of each petrol station that you manage, remotely.

EOS Connected

 A simple Android application: EOS Manager

The EOS Manager is an application available for Android through the Google Play Store. It helps you with installing, configuring and analysing all connected devices, in real time, 24/7. It allows you to fully analyse the behaviour of your devices, increase safety and to push energy savings to a higher level. Data and usage statistics can be easily extracted by one touch of a button. It turns your mobile device into an intuitive way to communicate with all your connected EOS devices. Do you want to see how it works?

 Check out our EOS Manager App demo’s on YouTube. 

The EOS Manager can handle a very high level of detail about your data and output can be configured to your specifications. Its flexibility ensures that a limitless number of luminaires and devices can be supervised, managed, expanded and modified.

Full control
You are fully in charge of managing the behaviour of your devices and its performance within the network. After authorization, secure communication is set up in order to adapt the device’s output to your needs. The user interface allows you to control and program output levels for every device or group of devices. Depending on your specific needs, you can boost light levels to improve safety and visibility or reduce light output to save energy. Furthermore, you can define how EOS devices should interact with the external system through the EOS Bridge.

Safe and secure
Your network is protected and safe because all data is encrypted and only you decide who has access to your connected system.

EOS Manager map selection

Intuitively shows an image of your network representing your site layout. Dragging, dropping and zooming is easy. You are given the tools you need to keep an overview of all your devices.

EOS manager application


Remote control with EOS Connected

EOS Connected is an intuitive web-based management system for EOS devices and Bever innovations LED products, that gives information about your forecourt infrastructure in real-time. It allows you to have an overview of all sites with EOS devices, to monitor remotely and to have better insight into device operating conditions, such as temperature, average power consumption etc. It also allows you to efficiently plan maintenance and monitoring in advance.

Petrol sites overview

The EOS LED lighting and its device infrastructure is represented by a flexible and detailed data model, a site floorplan for easy identification of device location, allowing configuration of devices to be optimized to a petrol stations’ specific needs.


EOS Connected HeatmapAvailable heatmaps also offer easy visualization of data such as devices presence in the network. This simple data visualization shows accurate charts and maps.


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