EOS Technology that connects

We used the Internet of Things to develop our own smart technology so you can manage your EOS devices and all other devices, equipment and processes on your forecourt in a simple application, This petrol station management system is called EOS Manager, or the remote manager: EOS Connected. This connectivity provides various benefits for every petrol station owner in terms of saving energy, improving safety and predictive maintenance.


The Internet of Things

All around us, the number of smart and connected products is increasing. Physical devices and intelligent products have the ability to share, collect and analyse data. The connection of these devices is called ‘the Internet of things’ (IoT). This marked change is not only visible in retail and shops, forecourt technology is making great steps and technologies are developing rapidly.

“The number of IoT connected devices is expected to nearly triple between now and 2020, from 13.4 billion to 38.5 billion.” – NACS


How does it work?

EOS Technology is integrated into the LED products from Bever Innovations and it can also be added to every other device in your network. It connects all devices on your forecourt in a wireless network. In this way, the devices connected to EOS, can communicate with each other and collect and sent data. To manage this data, we created the petrol station management system called EOS Manager. With this data you can constantly improve your forecourt and save more costs, let customers experience a pleasant and safe visit without losing visibility or your corporate identity.

EOS Technology


Easy Plug & Play installation

There is no need to worry about installation, addressing, cabling and configuring. EOS technology connects devices, equipment and processes in the simplest way: it’s plug and play. There is no need to put in new electrical wires because EOS will create its standalone and wireless network. It is very safe because all data is encrypted and only you decide who has access to your connected management system.


Our connective LED products

All of Bever Innovations’ LED products are integrated with EOS Technology giving you the opportunity to manage your entire forecourt. You can have minimal energy consumption, maximum benefits and a total overview of your petrol station with our management system.

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Connect your external devices to our petrol station management system

Connect as many networks as you like because EOS Technology can talk with any other connected system; it is endlessly scalable. This opens up a world of possibilities.
Several bridges are available to integrate your own specific control or analysis product. With the use of an EOS bridge, you can easily integrate other systems into the EOS network.

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