LED producer Bever Innovations opens a branch office in Africa to expand their international FOCUS on petrol.

“We are very proud to announce the opening of a subsidiary in Africa, as per January 2016. To grow our company world-wide and strengthen our position in the African market, this is a logical step in Bever Innovations’ strategy. With Africa’s population of 1 billion set to double by 2050, the continents needs to prepare for enormous pressure on the infrastructure. In South Africa alone, population has grown by 5 million in the last 10 years, bringing with it a hugely increased need for energy. Governments and energy providers’ focus has had to shift from energy production to energy saving – and the oil industry is one of the frontrunners in this initiative. This progression is very encouraging and therefore Africa has become an important focus for Bever Innovations. With its wealth of natural resources and an emerging middle class which is more tech-savvy, educated and open minded to opportunities than ever before, Africa is high on the our agenda for business development.

With light being a big consumer of energy (particularly in petrol stations), our high quality LED Under Canopy Illumination (which uses 90% less energy than conventional lights) will be of particular interest to any company wishing to implement efficient, energy saving programs. While in some countries the African government regulate the retail price of petrol, in other regions there is a free market that ensures price movements. Demand of integrated price changing units and solutions increased rapidly. Over the last years we noted that oil companies in Africa, who are faced with renovating or rebuilding petrol stations, have all been embracing LED lighting from the start. Foreseeing all conventional lighting will be replaced with LED lighting within 3-5 years, we see huge opportunities. Therefore we aim to double our marketed share in the coming two years.

Via the African office, Bever Innovations will directly offer their high quality LED products to the petrol retail industry. Business development and commercial support will be reinforced by Mr.Thibaud Hacquard. There will be close contact with the Bever Innovations back office, which is based in the Netherlands
Thibaud Hacquard is based in Nairobi (Kenya) and is responsible for the business development and commercial support of Bever Innovations’ product lines in the African Countries.

Thibaud has over 5 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry. Mr. Hacquard has a strong knowledge of the African markets, good connections with stakeholders in the region and has an expanded network in the industry. After graduating from the University of Lyon in France with a Master’s Degree in Business Management he started his professional career in 2005 in banking. After spending 4 years in this field, he moved to Africa and worked 3 years as Sales Manager for a local Oil & Gas contractor in Tanzania. In 2012, Thibaud joined one of the world’s largest providers of fuel retailing solutions as Area Sales Manager, covering East, Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean region.

We are confident that with the addition of Mr. Hacquard to our sales force, Bever Innovations will continue expanding their reach while serving the needs of our customers with a 100% focus on petrol.


Jeannot Bruggeling – Commercial Director Bever Innovations

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