Bever Innovations celebrates innovation milestone:
Produces 100.000th  I-Catcher LED display

‘Our unwavering commitment to research and development enables us to deliver LED technology, products and innovation to our customers worldwide’.

Bever Innovations, a leading Dutch LED manufacturer and innovator, reached an innovation milestone with the production of this month’s 101,094th I-Cather LED Display, moving the company’s total number of displays past the 100,000 mark.

“We celebrate this important milestone and, after a decade of producing these high quality LED price displays for price signs, we are proud to see that our I-Catcher displays are being used in more than 54 countries globally. On thousands of forecourts around the world, companies like Shell, BP and Total rely on the quality of our displays. Like our other LED products, Bever Innovations has developed the I-Catcher LED display with high-end technology to benefit its customers; offering unique flexibility in fonts, maximum readability and high reliability. The I-Catcher products are built using the latest techniques and the best LEDs to ensure their excellent quality.

The production and assembly locations of the I-Catcher LED displays are based at two sheltered employment office workshops in the Netherlands. The simultaneous aim is to provide a supportive environment for physically or mentally challenged people and to contribute and increase the employment rate of people with a distance to the labour market.

“We honour these employees at the social workshops, whose flexibility and commitment have contributed to the success of the LED displays and the output it brings to oil companies and petrol retailers, said Jeannot Bruggeling, Bever Innovations’ commercial director. “The R&D team at our headquarters in Zierikzee deserves praise; their persistent commitment to research and development allows us to always deliver the newest technologies, products and innovation to our customers worldwide.”

Now having reached the 100,000 mark, Bever Innovations has set new goals. With an average of four I-Catcher LED displays per monolith and approximately 25,000 monoliths provided worldwide, there is still great potential for growth. ‘The liberation of fuel prices, the demand of integrated price changing units and solutions increases rapidly. We still see the opportunity to significantly expand our reach and global coverage by integrating communication devices and LED technology on petrol sites that will extend beyond their normal use. So stay tuned for our new innovations!’


Jeannot Bruggeling

Commercial Director Bever Innovations

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