Monthly Archives: July 2018

An interview with:

Name                  Floris Bruggeman

Education           Commercial engineering

Position              Graduate intern

Subject               Competition research for I-Catcher InMotion LED Screen


What was your assignment during your internship?

“I worked on a competition research which focused on the I-Catcher InMotion LED Screen. I compared our screen with the LED screens of our competition and advised Bever Innovations about how they should put the InMo screen on the market. But I wanted to see a lot more of the company. I worked in the field for a few days where I got to fix disruptions on I-Catcher Price Displays and helped colleagues with updating documents like datasheets.”


What is most innovative on your advice?

“I found out that our InMo is much lighter than any LED screen on the market. This was a very important insight and will help different departments to sell the product to our customers. Besides, the materials we use to build our screens, are of the best quality on the market which brings a good value for money.”


Tell me about the Bever Innovations team!

“Everyone in the company is really friendly and helpful. Everyone works at their own departments mostly, therefore, Bever Innovations organises a lot of activities like the Bever Barbecue where everyone can get to know each other. They helped me very well and were truly part of my research. For example, I had to give out a survey to a client in South-Africa. They gave it to them personally when they had to travel there. In this way, I got my results very fast. The team is going to use my advice in different departments.”


Do you want to come back to Bever Innovations?

“There is no open position at the moment for my degree. But I definitely want to come back here. I really wanted to work as an intern at Bever Innovations, there has always been a feeling that I would enjoy it here. And I absolutely did.”