We understand your needs and demands. As LED petrol station lighting manufacturer we have a wide range of LED solutions. From LED Under Canopy Illumination, LED Price Displays, LED Area Illumination to LED Shop Illumination: your need has our focus. Bever Innovations manufactures intelligent high-quality outdoor LED solutions for the international petrol retail industry. With a 100% focus on this demanding market, our customers strongly benefit from our years of experience and know-how.


LED petrol station lighting on forecourts world-wide

Besides subdivisions in Germany, Finland, France and the UK we have partners in most European countries, South America, Australia, Africa, as well as the Far East. Our product ranges prove themselves as high quality LED solutions for global customers, on thousands of forecourts world-wide. Take a look at the projects we’ve completed.


A leading position

As a technical innovator and experienced manufacturer, Bever Innovations has gained a leading position in the fields of different LED petrol station lighting products. Our know-how ensures that these products are continuously improved and ready for the future:

  • Intelligent LED Under Canopy and Area Illumination for Petrol Stations
    Maximize light on your forecourt, and minimize energy cost with 90%
  • LED Price Displays
    The perfect display for your price sign, not compromising on visibility or your corporate identity
  • LED Shop Illumination
    Lower energy cost with 75% saving whilst enhancing the customers experience
  • Intelligent forecourt customer service systems
    Innovative solutions to improve customer experience on your forecourt
  • Smart lighting on your petrol station
    EOS Technology connects devices, equipment and processes to the Internet of Things in the simpelest ways

In addition to these products, we also produce other intelligent LED solutions.


Manage your devices

Our products are equipped with our own intelligent technology: EOS Technology. This technology connects your LED petrol station lighting and other devices, so you can manage them all in one simple way, via an application, the EOS manager, or remotely via EOS connected.



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