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LED Price Displays

LED Price Displays iCatcher logo

Visualise your identity… Are you looking for the perfect LED price display for your price sign, without compromising your unique brand identity? The I-Catcher LED price displays make sure the pricing of your products is displayed clearly and complements your corporate branding perfectly.

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The Bever Innovations’ I-Catcher displays are installed all over the world, in the most extreme weather conditions. Bever Innovations ground breaking LED design and production techniques are the result of many years experience in the field with major oil companies.


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LED Under Canopy Illumination

LED under Canopy Illumination product-icon-2
  • A forecourt is a very important part of your petrol station; providing a visually welcoming environment to customers that is approachable and gives a sense of safety. Without compromising on visibility there is also a possibility of saving energy and cost. Read more
    Bever Innovations has a specially designed intelligent LED under canopy solution (the Luci Series) that adapts to the conditions of your petrol station. You can adjust the light levels to your needs at any time of the day or night; making sure your forecourt is adequately lit at night and welcoming to customers, but still saving energy when full power is not necessary.
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LED Area Illumination

LED Area Illumination product-icon-2

Bever Innovations designed an LED Area luminaire that combines the perfect light level with big energy savings. Luci Series Ambiente is an LED fixture from the awarded Luci Series family, designed with a special focus on the area around your petrol station. Read more

Lighting the roads and parking facilities with Luci Series Ambiente immediately gives drivers the right feeling in terms of comfort and visibility. The LED fitting consumes very little energy, enabling high energy savings.
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LED Shop Illumination

LED Shop Illumination product-icon-2

Luci Series LED Shop Illumination is the most energy efficient way of lighting your shop. The elegant LED spots create a visually welcoming atmosphere which attracts customers and puts them at ease.

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The intensity of the LED spots is variable, meaning the comfort factor of the luminaire can be different for each shelf. This makes it possible to focus on certain products and encourage impulse purchases. Luci Series LED Shop Illumination sees Bever Innovations concentrating on the petrol station owner who knows the importance of reducing energy costs whilst putting customer experience center stage.


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LED Countour Illumination


Add stunning visual appeal and increased awareness to your canopy with this popular LED-based rigid tubing system. These complete assembled and sealed tubes are ready for installation, right out of the box.

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Bever Innovations is proficient at installing LED border tubing lines on shops and canopies. Using the LED Contour, it quickly creates a very professional contour line. You will also benefit from very low energy consumption and even lower maintenance costs.


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Improving Customer Forecourt Experience

Improving Customer Forecourt Experience FOCUS logo

Improving the customer forecourt experience can be achieved by helping your clients to make the right choices, so refueling will be quick, safe and easy. Simply informing customers about timing and availability plus redirecting them to the right dispenser

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is key! Bever Innovations has developed the FOCUS system, which inform customers what grades are available and which pump will be available next.


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