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The award-winning Luci Series, in all respects the most profitable way to light up your forecourt.

The clear white light creates a safe and clean forecourt, making it an excellent choice for your customers. Compared to metal halide lamps, the Luci Series V2 saves you up to 90% on your energy costs because it switches automatically from full to dimmed power when no activity is detected. On top of this each Luci Series can be tuned to the exact lighting behaviour you need with the easy-to-use remote control (patented). This flexibility makes the Luci Series simply unique. And maintenance? Forget about that... They are designed to last more than 20 years!

More than 32.500* Luci series are installed world-wide, proving their reliability time after time (*1-10-2013).

Advantages Luci Series compared to other LED luminaires:


Intelligent dimming

Long life span

Patented flexibility


High energy savings      

Low maintenance cost


Luci Series Models:


Changing luminaires on existing forecourts or creating light plans for new sites - there is always a Luci Series LED luminaire available to provide the best lighting solution to reach your specific needs. This intelligent, motion sensing LED is a rapidly installed recessed or surface mounted solution.



New Luci V2 advantages:

  1. Status indicator
  2. Light normalizer
  3. More lux (10%) with the same power consumption
  4. One model for recessed & surface mounted
  5. Multiple optics available (narrow, medium, wide beam)

Customized light plan


Every gas station and forecourt is different, Bever Innovations offers customized lighting solutions.
Interested in your own personalized light plan, click here.


- Take a look at our Luci Series reference projects.
- Luci Series Brochure - Download here


 If you would like to have more specified, technical information, please contact us!