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All around us the number of smart and connected products is increasing. Physical devices and intelligent products have the ability to share data and this data can be collected and analysed. The connection of these devices is called ‘the Internet of things’ (IoT). A recent published article from NACS stated that “the number of IoT connected devices is expected to nearly triple between now and 2020, from 13.4 billion to 38.5 billion.”
This marked change is not only visible in retail and shops, forecourt technology is making great steps and technologies are developing rapidly, with growing need for data communication and the requirement for analysing these numbers.

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The petrol retail market, like the industrial sector will enable high ROI on IoT projects, thanks to more efficient business processes. Finding a way to monitor your investments, to use that data to increase efficiency, drive performance, enable innovation and keep fuel flowing has always been a major challenge for the petrol retail industry – opportunities that were not put in use before. Driven by the ‘Internet of Things, Bever Innovations always saw big possibilities with their intelligent LED lighting solutions – and the way to transform this intelligence into innovations that could change the market.

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